English as a Foreign Language

All titles are for Upper Intermediate and Advanced students. With the exception of NTC’s Dictionary (hardback or paperback) all books are paperbacks.  Prices are listed in euros. There are generous discounts for class sets of 10 or more. Please note that postage and packing costs will be added. For enquiries and sales (except NTC’s Dictionary), email: geoffy99@gmail.com.


A Concise English Grammar (100 pp)

Geoff Parkes

ISBN 978 1 871819 229

This compact guide is intended for native and non-native speakers of English. It covers key grammar points and includes notes on style, layout and fashion. There are exercises with a key at the end.


The Englang Idioms Course (152 pp)

Alan Cornell & Geoff Parkes
ISBN 978 1 871819 75 5
Nearly 600 idioms explained, plus exercises and key. Not the biggest book on idioms but probably the most up-to-date. 110 illustrations.



What’s The Difference? (480 pp)

Alan Cornell & Geoff Parkes

ISBN 978 1 871819 70 9

Over 450 tricky vocabulary areas; 1300 confusable words explained; exercises for every chapter; comprehensive index;

4-star grading system shows relative importance of word groups.



101 Myths About The English Language (48 pp)

Geoff Parkes, Alan Cornell, Peter Marsden, Peter Fenn

ISBN  978 1 871819 10 6

101 common false beliefs about English. Covers grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.




The Mistakes Clinic for German-speaking  Learners of English (136 pp)

Geoff Parkes

ISBN 978 1 871819 45 8

Error analysis book based on 15,000 mistakes made by Germans. Has 300 sentences for correction plus detailed keys. Tables show top grammar/tense/preposition/pronunciation/ vocabulary/false friends mistakes. This is now a standard set book at German universities.



Practice With Prepositions (208 pp)  

Tony Addison & Chris Perkins 

ISBN  978 1 871819 50 2

Highly professional reference and practice book. Comprehensive explanations and exercises; numerous illustrations; key; two final tests; index. Easily the most thorough work of its kind written for native speakers of German.




The Englang Pronunciation Course

(book + two CDs)  (168 pp)

Keith Hollingsworth & Laura Park

ISBN  978 1 871819 60 1                                               

Lively, thorough course for self-study or class use. Lots of fun ways to practise all Germanic pronunciation problems at the sound, word, and sentence level. Now in use at many German universities.




German-English False Friends, Book 1 (104 pp)

Geoff Parkes & Alan Cornell                                           

ISBN  978 1 871819 20 5

aktuell/actual; Platz/place; Notiz/notice  and 113

other key problem pairs for German speakers.



German-English False Friends, Book 2 (104 pp)

Geoff Parkes & Alan Cornell

ISBN  978 1 871819 15 1

blinken/blink; Profil/profile; seriös/serious  and 109 further pairs for you to sweat over.



German-English False Friends, Book 3 (208 pp)

Geoff Parkes & Alan Cornell                                           

ISBN  978 1 871819 25 3

absolvieren/absolve; graziös/gracious; sozial/social;

359 further pairs; 93 pseudo-anglicisms.



NTC’s Dictionary of German False Cognates (226 pp)

Geoff Parkes & Alan Cornell

ISBN 9780844224954 (hardback)

ISBN 9780844224947 (paperback)

This volume, specially commissioned by NTC Chicago, tackles the false friends problem from the point of view of native speakers of English learning German rather than native speakers of German learning English.